Robert Edmunds Sr., Robert EdmundsJr.and Robert EdmundsIIIThanks for visiting our web site and learning more about dimensional measurement gaging. For those of you new to the industry, our Support section provides a glossary of gaging terms and concepts that may be helpful. And whether you're new or have been in the business for years, our New Dimensions page is a continually changing arena of gaging basics, current trends, and real world applications. So keep coming back!

Robert Edmunds Sr., Robert Edmunds Jr. and Robert Edmunds III

Custom gage design is a key strength of Edmunds GagesIn the late 40s, former math teacher, Bob Edmunds Sr., was fascinated with precision manufacturing, and measurement devices in particular, and founded Edmunds Gages in 1950. Our first products were cylindrical gages – precision components for measuring I.D.s and O.D.s. We still make cylindricals today, and over the years we've been innovators in other gaging technologies as well, including automatic process gaging systems.

Plug gage dimensional measurment applicationHow is Edmunds different from other gage manufacturers? Perhaps it's an attitude. After all, our family name is on each and every product that we make. There's a certain level of pride that goes along with that. That's probably why we are vertically integrated. We perform every phase of manufacturing our gages in-house. We have more control this way, and can truly say that we own the technology. It's our energy. Skill. Knowledge. And experience. It makes us more accountable to you.

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